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John Steven Mostyn

John Steven Mostyn is the incoming president of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. He has reported spending $10,036,333  in the 2010 Election cycle, making him the largest political contributor to Texas elections in the state.  Mostyn contributed an additional $400,000 to the Democratic Governors’ Association.

Mostyn was the lead attorney on the July 2010 TWIA-IKE settlement which reportedly netted over $75 million in attorney fees.  In 2010, Mostyn founded a new PAC, Back to Basics, where he spent over $4 million to run attack ads against Governor Perry and State House candidates who did not support the trial lawyer agenda.

“The most prolific Rita lawsuit purveyor”

The Southeast Texas Record calls Mostyn “the most prolific Rita lawsuit purveyor in Jefferson County.” The newspaper asserts that the meritless lawsuits he purveys increase the cost of wind insurance and eliminate the predictability of insurance contract enforcement in courts.Read full article.2

Mostyn has litigated more than 1,000 Hurricane Rita claims,3 as well as filed lawsuits against insurance companies, due to Hurricane Ike damage.4

Mostyn received a public reprimand in 2003 for consenting to a settlement without consulting his client, causing his client to be bound to a settlement, which he did not agree with.5

In 2009, Mostyn pushed for the passage of House Bill 4097, which would have excluded hurricane lawsuits from the state Multi-District Court management system, which provides pre-trial discovery oversight in lawsuits where there are many plaintiffs.