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John Eddie Williams

John Eddie Williams gave $1,428,773 to trial lawyer groups and the Democratic Party in 2010 and $821,000 in 2008.  

Williams is an asbestos and mass torts lawyer who is perhaps best known for being one of the Tobacco Five attorneys who shared a $3.3 billion tobacco fee, awarded by former Attorney General and convicted felon Dan Morales.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Dawn Nelson, Williams ex-wife, signed a sworn deposition during the Morales trial saying that “Williams had told her that Morales wanted $1 million from one or more of the lawyers that were hired for the tobacco case. ”

Williams has given millions to Texas political campaigns, often funneling his contributions through deceptively named trial lawyer groups as well as contributing to the Texas Democratic Party.  He is frequently seen in the Capitol where he advocates for legislation that will increase opportunities to sue and roll back existing lawsuit reforms.  

John Eddie Williams: Total 2010 Contributions: $1,428,773