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Harold W. Nix

Harold W. Nix is a partner at Nix Patterson, & Roach, one of the Tobacco Five firms that received a cut of the $3.3 billion tobacco fee, negotiated with former Attorney General and convicted felon Dan Morales.

Nix and his firm contributed $908,880 in the 2010 Texas election to several deceptively named trial lawyer groups, including Texans for Insurance Reform.  

Nix not only gives large amounts of money to enemies of lawsuit reform, he openly pours money into preventing lawsuit reform. In 2003, Nix spent tens of thousands of dollars to oppose Proposition 12, which instituted caps on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases.1 Proposition 12 was passed by the voters and has lowered malpractice insurance rates and increased the number of doctors who are practicing in Texas by 65%. See TAPA Report.

“A case study of what’s wrong with the legal system.”

In 2001, Nix took home $27 million from companies alleged to have infected Texas factory workers with “chemical AIDS.” 2 Despite the large paycheck, Texas Monthly proclaimed that the case consisted of “no evidence” and was a “case study of what’s wrong with our legal system.” 3

In 2004, Nix and his partner sued the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for denying their claims of around $67 million in deductions.4 The IRS said that the lawyers used a “sham tax shelter “to create the millions of dollars in losses, in an attempt to shield their cut of the $3.3 billion tobacco fee award.5 The shelters were found guilty of being fraudulent, but Nix and his firm were absolved of fault, claiming to be unknowing victims of these fraudulent organizations.6

Harold W. Nix: Total 2010 Contributions: $908,880