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Texas Trial Lawyer Watch

The Texas Trial Lawyer Agenda

Personal injury trial lawyers spend millions in Texas elections every year to defeat the supporters of lawsuit reform and elect lawmakers who will work to repeal the successful lawsuit reforms that have been enacted in Texas over the past 15 years.  In the 2009 Legislative Session, personal injury trial lawyers proposed over 900 bills that would have increased opportunities to sue, undermined existing lawsuit reforms or overturned well-reasoned decisions by the Texas Supreme Court.

Reforms that are strengthening our economy and increasing access to health care will be eliminated if the trial lawyer agenda is allowed to move forward.

Without lawsuit reform, Texas’ phenomenal economic record – creating more jobs last year than all the other states combined —  would decline and businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups that have been flocking to Texas, would go somewhere else.

Just as they did before reforms, doctors would stop practicing higher risk medicine – obstetrics, neuro and orthopedic surgery – and close down their offices in regions of the state where lawsuits are simply too costly.

Every Texan who cares about the Lone Star State must work together to stop the agenda of a few wealthy personal injury trial lawyers who view our civil justice system as a profit center.

Texas Trial Lawyer Watch:  Keeping a Sharp Eye on Texas Trial Lawyers

• Follow the Money: Personal injury trial lawyers spent over $16 million in the 2010 Election Cycle on State House and Senate Candidates – more than any other business or special interest group.  See top trial lawyer contributions.

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